We support our customers in planning sponsorship communications - we work together with them in order to develop a mapping strategy
by setting key goals for a sponsoring success. We support our partners in the selection of sponsorship rights, whose well planned and effective operation allow for the achievement of their goals.

  • Consultancy in the field of sponsorship selection and sponsorship rights purchase
  • Consultancy in the field of exercising sponsorship rights
  • Sponsorship strategy


We work as partners in the field of evaluating long-term
sponsorship and marketing programs.
We support our clients by providing them information
and data in order to optimize sponsorship communications.

  • Audit of sponsorship activities
  • Audit of sponsorship communications
  • Marketing audit of a sports club


The information we provide allows answering the question whether
a given sponsorship investment enables the achievement of a brand’s marketing goals in the form of media sponsorship exposures, image transfer or the creation of desired buyer attitudes and behaviours.

  • Examining the effectiveness of sponsorship exposures
  • Sponsorship match study
  • Examining the effectiveness of the advertising message
  • Examining the sports club’s image


With a number of innovative tools to measure marketing value,
we indicate the market value of sponsorship assets, as well
as media exposure potential and interest in specific events
and fields of sport and culture, and we identify their
potential effectiveness for our clients' brands.

  • Analysis of the cost-effectiveness and profitability
  • Analysis of the potential of discipline
  • Analysis of naming rights value
  • Analysis of sponsorship rights value
  • Estimation of the image value
  • Analysis of sponsorship investments as against competition


By examining the sponsoring market, we analyze and describe key processes in the area of sponsorship communication management.
We share the knowledge we obtained during training sessions and workshops with our partners, who strive to maximize the effects
of their sponsorship activities.

We conduct several training programs on, among others:

  • Sponsorship management
  • Evaluation of sponsorship
  • Activation of sponsorship
  • Creation of the value of sponsorship rights
  • Effective commercialization of sponsorship rights